Tutorial: How to save your SHSH2 blobs?

With all the hype surrounding the leaked Pangu jailbreak, one could get carried away with their expectations. The jailbreak is rumored to be compatible with all 64-bit iOS 10.3 devices, yet the release date of this jailbreak (or if it will be released) will remain unknown until Pangu releases an official statement.

What is a SHSH blob?

SHSH blob is a term for a small piece of data that is part of Apple's digital signature protocol for iOS restores and updates, designed to control the iOS versions that users can install on their iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, and Apple TVs), generally only allowing the newest iOS version to be installable. Developers interested in iOS jailbreaking have made tools for working around this signature system in order to install jailbreakable older iOS versions that are no longer being signed by Apple.

Source: Wikipedia

By extracting your SHSH2 blobs, you will be able to upgrade or downgrade to the iOS version they were extracted form even after Apple stops signing the firmware. Here is how:

Option 1: Online through TSSSaver

1) Plug your device in to your computer and launch iTunes

2) Click on your device in the top left of the options bar

3) Repeatedly click on the serial number to find the ECID Number

4) Right click the ECID and click copy

5) Open your browser and navigate to https://tsssaver.1conan.com/

6) Fill out the question banks with the appropriate information

Note: If you are using an iPhone 6S and above, follow the steps a - c. If not, skip the a - c steps and follow the 7th step

a) Download BMSSM from the App Store (Battery Memory System Status Monitor)

b) Click on System

c) The model is the board configuration number

7) Click submit and click on the link that you are presented with

8) Click on the Download ZIP button (or choose one of the available cloud services

9) Every one of the files available is a specific firmware

10) To check the integrity of the blobs navigate to  https://tsssaver.1conan.com/check.php

11) Upload the blob files and choose the appropriate device and firmware version

12) Click on submit and wait for the results

13) If the blobs are valid, it will say “[IMG4TOOL] file is valid” and if they aren’t, it will say ““[IMG4TOOL] file is invalid

Option 2: Online through Telegram

1) Download the telegram app through the App Store or use the Web App (Laptops/PCs)

2) Add the “Jailbreak Bot” using: https://telegram.me/rjailbreakbot

3) Type: /shsh

4) Answer all the questions asked by the bot, the questions asked, in order are:

a) Device Model

b) Board Configuration

c) Firmware Version

d) ECID Number

5) The bot will automatically produce a blob file available for you to download, but before you download, click on verify to verify the integrity of the file

6) If the file is verified, download the blob, and you’ll be all done!

These are the two easiest ways to acquire blobs files to be able to restore your iDevice to a specific firmware. This tutorial applies to most Apple devices (even Apple TVs!).

Good luck!

Article written by @ScrapyTuts


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