Lost in TinyPlayer?

Wants to know more about it?

This website was made for you!

The modes of TinyPlayer

Light/Dark Mode

In this mode, you can switch between the light and the dark mode when you want.
The backgroud is slightly blurred, which is pretty nice :)

Adaptive Mode (Pro only)

If you know ColorFlow, this is the same concept.
The background color and the color of the labels depends on the artwork.
Adaptive mode = Limitless color possibilities!

Custom Mode (Pro only)

This is YOUR mode!
You choose the background color and the color of the labels. Also, you can set the alpha of the backgroud that YOU want.
Wants more? Sure! You can set two modes in the custom mode!
The only limit is your imagination!

Album Artwork Mode (Pro only)

This mode takes the album artwork of the now playing music, blurs it and set it as the backgroud of the player.
The result is wonderful! Or sometimes surprising :)

The features of TinyPlayer

Move the player

Drag the player to move it.

Resize the player (Pro only)

Pinch the player to resize it.

Rotate the player (Pro only)

Do a rotation gesture to rotate it.

Play/Pause your music

Tap on the play/pause button to play or pause your music
Bonus: You will see a nice animation :)

Play the next song

Tap twice on the player to play the next song.

Play the previous song

Tap three times on the player to play the previous song.

Light/Dark mode

Hold the player to switch between the light and the dark mode.

See through the player (Pro only)

Tap once on the player to fade it a bit.
Tap once again to make it opaque again.
This can be cool if you only want to see through the player without hiding it completely!

The visual controls

You don't want to control your music with gestures?
No problem! Hold the play/pause button to show or hide the visual controls.
Bonus: You will have a nice animation when you tap on the buttons :)

Share your now playing music

Swipe left the visual controls.
From here, you can share your now playing music on Twitter or Facebook.

Control Your Volume (Pro only)

Swipe right the visual controls.
From here, you can easily control your volume.
You know what? This volume slider is customizable with some CC tweaks such as Uniformity 2 :)

Open the now playing app (Pro only)

Tap once the album artwork to open the now playing app.

Music picker (Pro only)

Hold the album artwork to bring the music picker.
Pick a music to play it!

Tiny TinyPlayer :) (Pro only)

TinyPlayer is too big?
Tap twice the album artwork to only show the album artwork.
Tap once on it to play or pause your music.
Tap twice on it to dismisss it and to maximize the player.

Snap To Edge (Pro only)

The player will never be hidden accidentally thanks to the Snap To Edge feature.
The player will snap to the edge if you move it near to an edge.

Snap Hide When Nothing is Playing (Pro only)

Wants an easier way to hide the player when nothing is playing?
With this feature, you just need to snap the player on a side when nothing is playing to hide the player.
Easy right?

Remember Last Postion (Pro only)

Tired of seeing the player at the top left of the screen after a respring/reboot?
This feature will remember the last position of the player and will put it at the same position after a respring
Warning: This feature doesn't work nicely with the rotation, a disclaimer will be in the preferences.

Hide In Switcher (Pro only)

The player annoy you while you are in the switcher?
I have a good news: The player can be hidden inside the switcher :)

Hide/Show TinyPlayer

You can set an Activator gesture to show or hide the player.

Reset TinyPlayer (Pro only)

Your player is unreachable?
Set an Activator gesture to reset its position and its rotation

The options of TinyPlayer

Custom Mode Settings (Pro only)

Here is the place where you customize the custom mode.

Volume Slider Style (Pro only)

Two volume slider styles are available
• Style 1 (CC Mode): This one looks like the CC volume slider (And is customizable!)
• Style 2: In case of you don't like the first one (I highly recommend you to use the 1st style)

Squared Artwork (Pro only)

You hate round corners? No problem. If you enable this option, the corners of the album artwork will be squared.

Squared Player (Pro only)

If you enable this option, the corners of the player will be squared.

Artwork Fill Side (Pro only)

By default, there is a little space between the album artwork and the border of the player.
The album artwork will fill the border of the player if this option is enabled.
Tip: Try enabling "Artwork Fill Side" and "Squared artwork" :)

Circle Animations (Pro only)

You can enable or disable the nice animation when tapping on the buttons.
This feature is always enabled in the lite version.

Switch Play/Artwork Positions (Pro only)

This option simply switch the position of the play/pause button and the album artwork.

Scrolling Label Speed (Pro only)

You can choose the speed of the scrolling labels.
Slow or fast? As you want!

Hide Lockscreen Player (Pro only)

You can hide the default lockscreen player by enabling this option.